What Services to Expect from Your Family Dentist

What Services to Expect from Your Family Dentist

November 28, 2022 Off By admin

A family dentist offers most oral care for many people. Dentists specializing in preventative care are in charge of ensuring their patients’ oral health through various treatments. In terms of primary dental care, family dentists are trained to perform a wide range of oral procedures, including cleanings, crowns, and exams. These are some of the most typical types of treatment a patient can get.

Types of Family Dentistry Procedures

Many options exist for families looking for a dentist. While adult people are the primary focus of general dentists, family dentists deal with patients of all ages. Dentists like Michael Nugent DDS specialize in treating whole families and provide a wide range of options for oral healthcare. 

It’s not easy to look for a dentist to accommodate the dental needs of toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. As more people fall victim to dental disorders, it’s clear that each person is unique and deserves the best care a qualified family dentist can offer.

Routine Cleanings

The typical advice from family dentists is to have exams and cleanings done every six months. The dentist will clean your teeth and apply fluoride to safeguard them at these checkups. In most cases, this requires the use of specialized brushes and scrapers to clean the areas around and between the teeth. The overall result is a far more comprehensive cleaning than what can be achieved by brushing and flossing alone.

Exams and X-rays

The dental expert also checks for indicators of more serious conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Periodontal disease can manifest before any obvious lesions or pain develop, so it is vital that people go to the dentist to diagnose any issues early. Depending on the patient’s age and oral health, the dentist may recommend a dental X-ray yearly or even more.

These allow the dentist to see behind the gums and get a full picture of a patient’s dental health. Aside from exams and x-rays, going online is your best option if you are searching for a trustworthy dental practitioner in your area that can perform a tooth extraction in Pasadena TX, for your dental problem.

Fillings and Sealants

Teeth can be painfully uncomfortable when damaged, fractured, or otherwise ruined by tooth decay. When the damage is minimal, the tooth can be restored rather than extracted or replaced. Biting grooves can be protected by having a dentist paint on resin the same color as the person’s teeth. In tooth decay, the dental expert may fill the tooth to strengthen it. Modern filling materials are both durable and visually appealing, matching the color of natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Family dentists also treat cosmetic issues. This includes stained teeth. For light stains, the family dentist can do an in-office professional teeth whitening procedure to eliminate the stains and lighten up the color of the teeth. 

For more severe stains, the family dentist can offer dental veneers, which are thin layers of porcelain material that are tailor-made to enhance the appearance of more noticeable teeth. You can visit site of a dentist that specializes in teeth whitening if you are interested in this service.


For most families, finding a family dental expert is a good decision. They benefit from the extensive high quality of their services, along with ease and reasonable rates. Whether you need a general dentist, a family dentist, or a pediatric dentist, the essential thing is that you get professional, dependable oral treatment for everyone in your family.