The Various Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Procedures

The Various Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Procedures

December 7, 2022 Off By Clarence Reese

The word plastic is a Greek word used to describe periodontal plastic surgery. It means modeling or sculpting in Greek. Dentistry has a subspecialty that focuses on improving or restoring the form and function of teeth.

What is periodontal plastic surgery?

Procedures in periodontal plastic surgery are performed to treat or prevent problems with the alveolar, bone, mucosa, and gingiva brought on by trauma or plaque disease. Additionally, the anatomical development of the mouth is corrected as part of this treatment.

A periodontist is typically thought of as the plastic surgeon of dentistry. A periodontist can alter the shape of your mouth as you please, just as a plastic surgeon can shape or fashion any feature or part of your body to your preferences.

When would one use periodontal plastic surgery?

The best periodontist in NJ can assist if you are unsatisfied with your smile. Some periodontal plastic surgery procedures are available to help enhance the appearance of your teeth and gums, much like cosmetic surgery has helped people improve their appearance. Here are some instances of standard practices:

Crown Lengthening

The goal of crown lengthening is to expose more of the tooth’s “crown” by removing extra gum tissue. Patients who believe the teeth are too short or the gum line is uneven should undergo this procedure. The appropriate ratio between gum tissue and the tooth surface is then created by sculpting the gum line. A periodontist can do this to your entire smile or just one tooth.

Dental Implants

An artificial tooth root is attached to a dental implant and placed in the jaw to support a denture, hold a bridge, or hold a replacement tooth. Many people with missing or damaged teeth can get dental implants, which feel and look just like your natural teeth.

You can contact your local dentist if you are wondering about dental implants or veneers cost in New Jersey.

Root Coverage

Your palate’s gum tissue is used during root coverage to cover the exposed tooth roots. These procedures are used to conceal roots, develop gum tissue where required, or improve the appearance of dental implants. This procedure may be used to cover exposed roots to prevent decay or to get ready for orthodontic treatment. Your smile might also get better, and your tooth sensitivity might go down.

Ridge Augmentation

In the jawbone regions where your natural teeth are missing, ridge augmentation procedures are used to correct irregularities. They are also used to balance out dental implants that may appear too long compared to the rest of your teeth and to stop the jawbone from collapsing after tooth extraction.

Pocket Depth Reduction

You can use pocket depth reduction to treat periodontal disease-related deep pockets. Cleaning the pockets and securing the gum tissue in its original position are accomplished through this procedure. To prevent damage brought on by the development of periodontal disease and to support the maintenance of your healthy smile, it is critical to reduce pocket depth and get rid of any bacteria that may already be present.

Combination Procedures

Combining these procedures may be necessary to create the foundation for your ideal smile. Periodontal plastic surgery is frequently used to create a solid foundation for additional cosmetic procedures like veneers and orthodontics. Your keys to eating, speaking, and smiling with ease and confidence can be a gorgeous new smile and improved periodontal health, which you can obtain through a combination of periodontal procedures.

Many facilities offer emergency services if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth. You can contact them if the pain is tolerable; if not, you should go straight to the emergency.


If you have an excessive gingival display, gum recession, or problems with the interdental papilla or the tissue between the teeth. In that case, you might be eligible for one of the cosmetic periodontal procedures listed above.