Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: Common Causes and Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: Common Causes and Treatments

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Erectile dysfunction in young men is a common condition where the male cannot rise up to the occasion when they want to have sexual intercourse. This is usually very embarrassing for them, and it is one of the things that cause problems in relationships. Still, there is no reason to be embarrassed if you have it, regardless of your age. Erectile dysfunction is quite common, affecting nearly one out of five men over 20.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

However, before embarking on the ultimate and natural treatment for impotence or erectile dysfunction, consider the following causes of impotence in young men:

Psychological Issues

According to research, psychological factors are more likely to cause erectile dysfunction in younger men. For example, stress, exhaustion, depression, relationship issues, guilt, low self-esteem, and performance anxiety are potential causes of psychologically-based ED. And one episode of poor performance can lead to psychological stress, which exacerbates the problem.

Lifestyle Issues

Aside from the psychological issues mentioned above, your lifestyle can also impact your sexual health. Obese men, for example, may have restricted blood flow to the penis, resulting in weak or soft erections.

Not only that, but the use of recreational medications may be one of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction in young men can also be caused by excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological ED

The good news is that if your erectile dysfunction is psychological, you can overcome it with counseling. Therapists can help couples or individuals with common dysfunction problems with young men between 19 and 34 improve communication, reduce tension, and set realistic expectations.

Other ways to combat psychological causes like stress, anxiety, and depression include getting plenty of rest and exercise. Exercise, for example, is known to have a positive impact on depression and can help release endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals. You can see other details once you check it.

Physiological ED

If the cause is physiological, the first step is to see a doctor or urologist. After that, various tests (including cholesterol, hormone levels, blood sugar, liver, and kidney function) can be performed to determine whether any conditions interfere with normal erectile function. 

Surgery, drugs, penile injections, and vacuum pump devices are among the treatment options for physical causes. However, these treatments come with risks and are not guaranteed to work.

Lifestyle Changes

Diet and exercise are the most effective and long-lasting ways to become healthy.

  • Diet: To lower cholesterol, eat a lean protein and fiber diet and low in bad cholesterol, or LDL. Your diet should include fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. In addition, include foods high in good cholesterol (HDL), like avocados, to help lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Exercise: Get plenty of cardiovascular exercises to help lower cholesterol and improve circulation. Strength training, particularly for large muscle groups, is also recommended to boost human growth hormone and testosterone levels. These hormones are required for a healthy sex drive and strong erections. For other details about the sexual disorder, you can visit


If the condition is severe, the patient should seek medical attention to receive professional assistance in obtaining a cure. The doctors will investigate the condition’s underlying cause and determine the best treatment options. Find a doctor who has specialized in the field or has successfully handled numerous similar cases in the past to ensure you are in good hands.